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Year 13 Day 3 19:23
Brassica Trefoil
Brassica Trefoil
Tiali, have you tried changing the email in account settings?

Or does it do that "we've sent an email to your old email address, you need to check it and click a link to prove who you are before we can change it" thing?

Perhaps a support ticket could be useful, in asking an admin to manually change your email address? (I've no idea.)

Year 13 Day 3 20:54
Guess that's why mah DM got ignored

Year 13 Day 3 23:12
Brassica Trefoil
Brassica Trefoil
I don't know for sure if it actually does that, I was asking what your experience was.

If I get time, I'll check it for you.

Year 13 Day 4 7:50
Didn't see your post Brassica, mah last post was in reply to Ellias

There was a time ah had about 15 different email accounts (that's with 15 different providers) but only really have 1 now (or at least one that ah can remember) that is active, ah just haven't accessed it in about 5 years (shudder to think how big the spam folder will be as that was pretty much all ah got :P)

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