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Year 12 Day 111 19:42
Serok Drag
Serok Drag
can an admin please have my character killed or what evr you do i am stuck on a ship

Year 12 Day 111 20:06
You need to make IC means of getting off before an admin will step in (unless they are feeling generous)

First step would be either posting in the Commerce Thread if you know what ship you are on and the location, or the Traders Lounge if you just know the name of the ship but neither the location or the owner

Year 12 Day 111 23:22
By the looks of your avatar your in the ACE im sure Korne would love to execute someone else for no apparent reason.

Year 12 Day 114 10:04
Serok Drag
Serok Drag
i have made every atempt i can at finding the owner of the ship or getting off for that matter but no matter what i do i cant escape or find the owner i have no idea where i am please hepl admins.