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Year 7 Day 15 0:08
Kurgan Mensbane
Kurgan Mensbane
Hi, I havent played fro several months and now I am stuck alone aboard a starship.
I am at the victory star destroyer Protector and can not unboard. I cannot contact my former faction the Galactic Empire, they dont accept my login. what can I do?
Please Help!

Year 7 Day 15 1:41
First, don't double post. There's an "edit" option below your avatar for a reason.
Second, try sending a Darkness message (click the little envelope on the events bar, if you haven't used them before) to Vodo Bonias, who leads the GE. Explain that you've been away, are stuck on the ship, etc, and askl politely if you can be reinstated to active service, or get off the ship, or whatever.

If it were me, I wouldn't be in the GE. But it's your choice, and trying to leave while stuck aboard one of their ships probably isn't your best career move. Unless being dead is your idea of a career. ;)


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Year 7 Day 16 4:17
If you've got money also have the option to hire somone to come pick you up, there are people advertising all over the place.


Year 7 Day 16 17:45
Send me email about it plus who was your former CO.
My email is : goetz.dominik@gmail.com

Thank you,



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