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Is this possible:

I have a freighter with a hangar bay for vehicles and a Capital ship with a docking bay for ships.
Can i dock my vehicle in the hangar bay of the freighter and dock that freighter (with vehicle inside) in my Capital with Docking Bay? Note: The Capital doesn't have a Hangar Bay!)

Edited By: Davy Hawker on Year 12 Day 123 9:29
Year 12 Day 128 22:34
If the capital ship doesn't have a hanger bay it won't work.

Year 12 Day 128 23:21
That's why they were asking if they could do it by sticking the vehicle in the freighter (that does have a hanger bay) and then sticking the freighter (with vehicle) into a capital ship with a docking bay

If the capital ship doesn't have a hanger bay it won't work.

- Michael Law

That information is incorrect. You can dock any freighter inside a capital ship (as long as the capital ship has a docking bay and the weight and volume of the freighter don't exceed the weight and volume capacities of the capital ship). The content of the freighter doesn't matter at all.

Year 12 Day 129 11:12
Oke thanks for clearing this up ;p