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Year 12 Day 125 13:33

so i guess im banned? i went on this morning and my account had a nice big stormtrooper on it saying "shall not pass"...
i sent in a ticket, but idk how long it'll take to get processed-
bottom line heres the situation:

i have an account, my bro has an account

we both use the same computer and get on one after the other
(now i know ur thinking thats suspicious, but my parents have a computer usage policy where we each get a set amount of time. my bro has some mental thing so whenever he sees me playing, he automatically jumps on after me)

neither characters have interacted once nor do they belong to the same faction

both have seperate bank accounts and neither has shared any resources period.

since we use the same computer/computers (depending on whether we go somewhere) we thought it might be an issue, but since we arent the same person we didnt register.

i hope u believe me but bottom line i dont think me or my bro has done anything illegal and if we are gonna get banned can it be less than a month? we really enjoy playing this game and would like to get back into it as soon as possible.

Year 12 Day 125 13:55

1/ Multi Accounts

Every member of the combine may only have ONE character. Registering more than one character, logging into someone else's account, or giving your character to someone else in order to create a new one is PROHIBITED. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the Combine.

If you are sharing your computer or internet connection with other persons that are also members of the Combine, you must register all accounts by using the "contact support" link - this includes handles and the email addresses of all players using the computer. Players who are sharing a connection are no longer restricted to the same faction or freelance, and may join any faction they desire.

If you are a registered multi, you can check your status in your OOC Profile:

Explanations such as "I don't have more than one character! The second one belongs to my sister!!" will not be accepted.

Players banned as a result of the multi-rules who request an unban may be subject to a partial removal of credits, assets and/or XP, to be determined on a case-by-case basis upon their return to the community. This punishment is fully supported by the administration and multi-accounts staff and may not be disputed as it is a condition of being unbanned.


Year 12 Day 125 17:03
One character logging off and the other immediately logging on is... highly suspicious, to say the least.


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Year 12 Day 125 21:00

yes I admit it is rather suspicious. And I can offer u all the escuses in the world but I don't know if u'd believe them.
If ur looking for one: we do have it set up so that the computer remembers the password and combine is usually the last thing I do before he gets on.

Ok so bottom line - having two seperate accounts on the same internet connection is going to be classified as a multi? Ok. I wasn't sure of that so I didn't fill out the paperwork. We are both sorry and will make sure to register.

So here's my question: I haven't seen a sim news thing on it yet so what exactly happens next? I would like to avoid the month ban if at all possible - my brother isn't sure either way. If I was able to convince him that he should leave the combine to me, could we kill his account and leave mine? What are our options exactly?

Year 12 Day 126 3:49
I've responded to all tickets sent in regards to the recent bans.

You should have your answer.