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Year 12 Day 127 23:42
I was looking through the rules and was going to look at the cp droids and saw they werent there. Is this a bug in the rules pages or are they no longer available through the CP exchange? are there diff. droids coming or something?


sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 128 0:04
This is like the 10th topic about this, look down a bit more and you'd find out there is a bug, they are coming.


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Year 12 Day 128 8:22
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
The search feature on the bottom of the main forums page is actually quite decent, I find most things through it (if something has been written on the topic) :)


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Galaxywide Hauling
Year 12 Day 195 10:45
do we have any kind of timeline estimation on when the CP Droids issue will be corrected? and until then, will this "bug" also affect the CP Ships or Vehicles if they're changed prior to a fix being done as well?

Year 12 Day 195 20:12
This bug, as far as I know what it does, pretty much prevents the calculation of RM values based on stats. Which messes up most additions to the game.