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Year 12 Day 129 17:02
I was visiting my brother and got him to sign up for SWC.
But he's considered a multi and was denied. I'm now on the
other side of the country.....

His IP is the same. I can't seem to find the email for the multi
to send his info. And what do I need to include in the email?


Year 12 Day 129 17:09
If he signs up and puts your name in the multi box, then he can be listed as a registered multi with you. If you aren't going to be visiting with him again any time soon, you can then submit a support ticket to get the multi association removed. Or just leave it, since it does neither of you any harm.


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Year 12 Day 133 13:02
Roger that. He's signed up as Drake Hill. I can DM his IP if you need it.
I probably won't be visiting him anytime soon, but will keep as a Multi
due to the fact I log in from public servers alot. Thanks....