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Year 12 Day 135 4:59

Along with items and vehicles, what else can be produced in a factory? Fighters?

Year 12 Day 135 6:46
Pretty much anything, bar medical items and ships 80m or longer.


Year 12 Day 135 6:53
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
*80meters or shorter. :)

That means fighters and even some of the smaller freighters.

Year 12 Day 135 10:45
Eshini'el, you misread. Ellias' list was "anything except".

Ships 80m and longer cannot be produced in a factory, therefore your attempt to correct him is not accurate.


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Year 12 Day 135 12:06
So the max length of ship is 79m?

Year 12 Day 135 12:10
The max length of a ship you can produce in a factory is 79m. You can build bigger ships in shipyards.

Year 12 Day 135 13:40
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
You're right as usual Hal!
Misleading while trying to clarify.. man I brought some chaos. Sorry for that.

No more bar items for me.

Edited By: Eshini`el Sandhawk on Year 12 Day 135 13:45

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Year 12 Day 135 18:06
Yeah many people read the faction production rules as any ship that is 80m or smaller can be built, but its 79m or smaller if you carefully read the rules.