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Year 12 Day 138 14:27
Nick Dusk
Nick Dusk
Where can I find a free MIRC? I have downloaded mIRC but it will expire in 2 days.

Year 12 Day 138 14:57
Never heard of mIRC expiring, and ah've been with them for over 14 years

Year 12 Day 138 14:59
Nick Dusk
Nick Dusk
I have the demo version. You might have payed for the full version.

Year 12 Day 138 16:22
Nope, don't have PayPal (well, technically ah have 2 accounts, but never used them)

Year 12 Day 138 16:35
Nick Dusk
Nick Dusk
Hm it might just say that but it looks pretty convincing. Guess I'll find out Monday.

Year 12 Day 138 17:29
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
If it stops working there are many other IRC type programs that can be utilized... I use chatzilla (firefox extension), it works and it's simple.

Year 12 Day 138 18:00
Nick, you can continue to use mIRC after the trial period. It will tell you that it has expired but just wait and it will give you the continue option. I've done that for a while, then I finally paid. :P

Year 12 Day 138 18:07
PIRCH was the other program ah used to use

Year 12 Day 138 19:21
Occasionally that popup message will only allow you to exit the program, but just start it up again and it will let you continue.


Year 12 Day 138 23:49
I had the same thing happen a number of times, where it would constantly redirect me to the "donation" area instead of connecting. Each time I had to uninstall/reinstall it, and that got old after a few times. I switched to Chatzilla (as said prior), and never had a problem since.

Year 12 Day 142 3:36
Nick Kalir
Nick Kalir
Thanks for all the comments and input. Just found out yesterday that I could pass it with your guys help.