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Year 12 Day 139 22:34
I've been playing SWC for about 8 years and recently just decided to get back into it. I left actively playing (Iraq, Afgahnistan, training, US Army) a while ago but as I'm bringing myself up to date I noticed the coming soon page is gone. :O

What happened to that page? I enjoyed looking at the progress bars for upcoming features. lol. Is there another "Coming Soon" page now?

I mean how can we quote Coming SoonTM if the bottom progress bar isn't combat and doesn't use that line?

Edited By: Sykazza Zekk on Year 12 Day 139 22:35
Year 12 Day 139 22:54
We can't use soon(tm) for combat anymore since Sin and Clarr are more than actively working on it (first impressions from the Dev Meeting looked very promising).

We could use soon(tm) for R&D, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Year 12 Day 140 0:15
The Coming Soon page broke - it wouldn't show edits any more, as I recall. It was removed so as not to be misleading.

It may possibly make a return one day, but no guarantees.


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