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Year 12 Day 143 8:05
Hi all you crazy kids i got a question . i like to change my Character name
Ales Soli Torepit , to one of my NPC names Faye Ruo Madeve and then change my NPC name to Ales Soli Torepit if I can.

the NPC ID# 1289846.

thank you for your time

Oh..... if you can just do it , just do it now I be okay with that. .

Edited By: Ales Soli Torepit on Year 12 Day 143 8:12
Year 12 Day 143 8:28
Not possible.

Year 12 Day 143 8:59
so do i kill my Character and NPC then make my new Character name Faye Ruo Madeve

or fire my NPC, change my Character name to Faye Ruo Madeve. will that work

Year 12 Day 143 9:48
In the past the ASims have allowed character name changes, but only if your current handle breaks any of the naming rules. Otherwise you will have to kill your character and start anew.

I'm not sure if choosing a handle that is used by a regular NPC (unless it is a previously dropped player character) will matter. Perhaps someone else can answer that question.

Year 12 Day 143 9:56
Elijah is correct. Since your handle doesn't violate the rules, you cannot have a name change. Also, it's possible, since an NPC already had your name, that you cannot pick that name for your PC even if you killed the NPC first (one of the coders should know more about whether NPC handles are stored like that as well).