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Year 12 Day 150 23:12
Dear all!
At first, please excuse my bad english! ;)

This is a question concerning the rules of the Commerce(RPG)-Forum.

In the rules it is said, that thread-starters should *bump* their threads "once in a while", for they are otherwise closed.

My question is now: What is meant with "once in a while"?

Because there are so many other forums, where bumping a personal thread is prohibited.
I'm a bit irritated, because the rule, which is stated by the moderator sounds more like: "Take care of your thread" and not like "refrain from pushing".

Technically I could bump my thread every day or even every hour!
But I don't want to annoy anybody and I don't think that this would meet the idea behind it.
But I really, really would like to bump my thread, when it is on page 2 or so.

Is there any good rule for this?

Best wishezz!
Frizz Fishezz.

Year 12 Day 151 0:13
I generally would consider bumping my thread when it gets near the bottom half of the first page - doing it before then is a bit pointless. The rule is primarily to stop people bumping their thread whenever a single thread gets above yours.


Year 12 Day 151 5:51
I don't know enough about the game to comment what people should and shouldn't do, all I know is I only make adjustments (not intentionally bump) to my thread when i have something to adjust, whether it be a price decrease, new inventory, new graphic, etc.

It just so happens that I do have something to adjust often, sometimes multiple times a day. But I assure you, they are legit changes.

I do know what you mean though... when I see that little white round notifier of 'NEW' post then I rush to see what goodies are for sale, only to be disappointed to notice that NOTHING is different.



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