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Before I joined my current faction, I was a member of Zann Consortium, and there was a regular mess recently there, with many leadership and authorization changes, some players were kicked from alliance, or permabanned as multis, people on charge kept changing......sorry, I suck in remembering names, especially the strange names in this game, so I cant name anyone personally anymore.
I even suspect the whole faction name has changed, since my oldest history message was being expelled from Zaltin Corporation (???) by Vim Juergen for no reason.
Funny thing is, even the moment I applied to join you, under my character name and picture still stood Zann Consortium, and I hear of Zaltin Corporation for the 1st time.
But this is already the past, just mentioned it for being a strange issue, possibly a bug.

About my current problem:
Ever since more than 2 months ago, I cannot move with my ship I was assigned to fly before, the X-ceptor Ransack #6.
In my current faction, I was suggested to contact a pilot names Karl Korne from Zann Consortium, my previous faction, and ask him for help, or if he can direct me to the ship`s current owner.
Contacted him 2 times so far, the 1st time he promised to `look into the matter`, but no more answers of him arrived, the second time, (was round 2 weeks ago) I got no answer from him at all.
Details which might help, and which I can paste here:

Was exploring random clusters with it, all over the universe, till once the control of the ship was actually denied to me. I never left the ship of course, so the owner or ship authorization probably changed. (that`s only my guess)
Anyway, there is no more visible navigation option for me, all I see is:

Onboard the X-ceptor Ransack #6


* Room Travel
* Equipment
* Party


* Account Settings
* Character
* Faction

So no option to navigate the ship I am in at all.
When I try the `room travel`, it says I am still in the ship, and in its cockpit even, for thats the only room in it, but when I click `Cockpit`, it says `an error occured, you cannot access the cockpit`

Any ideas how to cure this situation?
Could you at least find out the owner of the ship I am in now, meaning to check who owns Ransack 6 currently?


Ian Crumpley
\"The Uncatchable\"

fighter pilot, freelancer and pirate
There should of been an event if you were unassigned, and that should tell you who did so so you could talk to them.


If you are still assigned as pilot, and next to a station you can enter (or on the ground), try exiting and re-entering

Thanks or the suggestions, I tried clicking on `enter/exit` to exit the ship, and got the message saying `You are in the entrance room.`
`There are no locations where you can board.`
And true, it was probably an event message about being unasigned, but for 2 months my last event entry is `being expelled from Zlatin Corporation by Vim Juergen for no reason.
The funny thing is, I wasn`t even notified of that event via any personal message, and since under my name was still standing Zann Consortium, I wasn`t even aware I am in no faction anymore.
Shouldn`t the word `Freelance` be standing under names of factionless pilots?
Well that must have been some bug too.

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Ian Crumpley
\"The Uncatchable\"

fighter pilot, freelancer and pirate
Don't believe you will be having any more contact from Mr Korne, he quit (or was finally executed and decided not to re-create)

If Ransack #6 was a faction ship, it's possible that when the faction changed name (or dissolved) all ships had their pilots automatically unassigned

Have you gone to the Traders Lounge and asked for help? If you know where you were when you lost control (or at least where you were headed) someone might be kind enough to come rescue you

And before someone comes in telling me to shut up and stop spreading misinformation/lies: ah'm only offering suggestions on how to re-gain control (or at least be able to leave)

The problem is, I forgot for a long time where I was headed, since more than 2 months have passed, and no wonder I forgot, for I was gathering experience points by doing long flights, to totally randomly selected far clusters.
As soon I arrived to one, set the course to another one right away.

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Ian Crumpley
\"The Uncatchable\"

fighter pilot, freelancer and pirate
Then the only thing to do is post in the Traders Lounge and hope someone knows who it belongs to

Zero Turner
Zero Turner
If it doesn't work out you can also contact an admin, they may allow you to drop your character depending on "X" amount of time and you may have a wait period to recreate.

When presented with a potentially game-stopping issue (as opposed to a blatant bug) it's recommended that IC means be employed first. Therefore follow Tiali's advice and post your query in the Traders Lounge with as much relevant information crammed in as possible.

If this fails and no answer is forthcoming then admin intervention is the reasonable next step, and in your particular case revealing the owner of the vessel (so that you may contact them directly) may be a preferable alternative to simply 'dropping' your character as suggested by Zero.



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Yes, I will follow your advices and try the trader`s lounge now. since if there is one thing what really annoys me, and what I always try to avoid is restarting a game which I already started and progressed in, staring over from the very scratches....if I make some effort in advancing in something, I like to see its results, and like that result to prevail.

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Ian Crumpley
\"The Uncatchable\"

fighter pilot, freelancer and pirate
There are no more personal unassigned events for the individual that was unassigned.

Korvas Varik
Korvas Varik
The ransack 6 is still owned by Karl Korne. It is in Hoth. Need a ride?