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Year 12 Day 152 8:47
Cargo containers (the kind item batches are produced in) have a listed volume of 1.0cbm, but when they actually exist, their volume is equal to their contents (i.e., a cargo crate containing 5.0cbm of goods has a volume of 5.0cbm). I read a thread about this, specifically about grav-sleds carrying cargo containers, but the conclusions in that thread are different than what I'm seeing.

Is this a bug, or is it normal/coded for storage containers to vary in volume between their actual volume and their volume capacity depending on what they contain? If so, what is the purpose of storage containers? I understand the potential issue of a container within a container within a container, ad infinitum, but at some level, I'd expect storage containers to have a benefit other than grouping things together.


Year 12 Day 152 19:23
I have asked Clarr about it as it seems very wierd (it came in when the ability to repackage items into crates came along) but he refuses to asnwer me about it. On one hand it makes sense that it weighs as much as the items inside, but on the other, that doesn't match up with everything else in teh came when it comes to weight of stuff stored in other stuff.


Year 12 Day 152 21:31
You can't store other thins in a container, so the unlimited nesting is a moot point. Frankly I think it needs to have a fixed volume and a variable weight, but meh. Technically all of the storage items should.

Year 12 Day 153 6:54
Year 12 Day 153 7:38
Over 2 weeks later, and it no longer showed on my list of bugs I had posted for some reason.

Would of been nice to post a Sim News explaining this as its a relatively major change to how cargo containers work especially when compared to other storage items and how they worked before.

But oh well, now we know.


Year 12 Day 153 9:39
Like Ellias and Mikel, I can understand having cargo containers weigh as much as their contents, as was stated in the linked bug report. But I'm finding that cargo containers also have volumes equal to their contents, which causes some problems.

For example, a DX-9 Dropship can theoretically carry 30 full cargo containers, as its respective weight/volume caps are 5T/30cbm, and 30 full cargo containers only weigh 0.75T. As it is right now, the same ship can only carry about 5 full containers before becoming overloaded. Is this a bug I should report, or an intentional (hopefully only for the time being) situation?


Year 12 Day 154 1:52
Yes. Weight and volume is inherited from the contained type.

I can take out the ability to have crates if you disagree?

Year 12 Day 154 5:45
I do disagree, about volume at least; but it's not my call, obviously. I really came here to see if this was intended behavior. There are workarounds to overstuffed ships, after all, so maybe the problems aren't as big as I made them out to be. Thanks for the clarification.