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Archives » Help with city design wanted.
Year 12 Day 154 4:03
Haroku Star
Haroku Star
I have a 2x2 asteroid but the stats aren't the best.
Can anybody help me finish the design off so it lowers the crime rate?
Happy to tip the best designer 500k.
Here's the cities as they sit now.

Population: 2,062,268 inhabitants
Civilisation Level: 37.550%
Morale: 70.140%
Crime: 33.450%

City 1

20,1,0,h; 20,4,0,h; 20,8,0,h; 20,11,0,h; 20,15,0,h; 35,0,2,v; 36,5,2,v; 44,10,2,v; 44,15,2,v; 23,0,8,v; 31,3,8,h; 80,8,8,v; 82,11,8,v; 28,14,8,v; 5,17,8,v; 25,0,12,v; 88,3,12,v; |8|v

City 2

12,12,0,v; 78,16,0,v; 44,0,1,v; 44,5,1,v; 44,10,1,v; 36,0,7,v; 2,5,7,v; 2,6,7,v; 2,7,7,v; 2,8,7,v; 3,9,7,v; 3,10,7,v; 3,11,7,v; 3,12,7,v; 88,13,7,v; 4,14,7,v; 4,15,9,v; 20,16,9,v; 20,17,9,v; 20,18,9,v; 20,19,9,v; 61,5,11,v; 61,6,11,v; 61,7,11,v; 61,8,11,v; 61,9,11,v; 61,10,11,v; 61,11,11,v; 61,12,11,v; 61,13,11,v; 61,14,11,v; 44,0,13,v; 93,5,13,v; 13,11,17,v; 13,13,17,v; 1,14,17,v; 12,12,18,v; 1,15,18,v; 13,11,19,v; 13,13,19,v; 1,14,19,v; |9|v

City 3

20,0,0,v; 28,2,0,v; 20,5,0,v; 3,7,0,v; 3,8,0,v; 3,10,0,v; 3,11,0,v; 2,13,0,v; 2,14,0,v; 2,16,0,v; 36,0,4,v; 44,5,4,v; |8|v

City 4

20,1,0,h; 20,4,0,h; 20,8,0,h; 20,11,0,h; 1,15,0,v; 1,17,0,v; 1,19,0,v; 36,0,2,v; 75,5,2,v; 1,11,2,v; 1,13,2,v; 1,15,2,v; 1,17,2,v; 1,19,2,v; 78,11,3,h; 1,19,4,v; 1,19,6,v; 28,0,8,v; 81,3,8,v; 3,6,8,v; 3,7,8,v; 3,8,8,v; 3,9,8,v; 3,10,8,v; 3,11,8,v; 20,12,8,v; 29,13,8,h; 44,0,12,v; 44,5,12,v; |9|v

Year 12 Day 154 4:55
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
This isn't the place for in-game help, but I'll tell you that trying to reduce crime rates on high civilization planets is a fruitless endeavor.

If you're only interested in lowering crime rate, throw down facilities that reduce crime. You'll probably knock it down to 20% or so.

Year 12 Day 154 6:44
Yep, any planets with a pretty full city layout will be a minimum of 20% crime. Either half build them, or build more faciliites that reduce crime.


Year 12 Day 154 17:17
Haroku Star
Haroku Star
Thanks , i'll try a few more prisons.