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Year 12 Day 157 7:21
I have a question for someone in the know.

As some of may or may not have heard, Vasar Xanthe (formerly Vosh Omega I believe) sunned himself on day 153.

Before his death, he tried to out price his CPM auctions so that no one in their right mind would bid on them (because he knew of his impending death), but those bids were over ruled and over turned by the powers that be.

When he contacted me before his death, he asked that I ensure that all buyers that had purchased stuff from him prior to his death receive their items. I agreed, of course, as people should receive the goods they had already paid for.

The question I have is.... for those that have bought Vasars items AFTER his death, not knowing that he had died, and sent him credits for the items, is there a way for them to have their purchase reversed, since technically there is no Vasar Xanthe to send credits to?

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Year 12 Day 157 8:35
Nope, I'm afraid not. At least I've never heard of an ASim returning any that is.