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Year 7 Day 21 11:35
Steve Delta
Steve Delta
Can somebody plz tell me each and every step i need to take to buy a Cloakshape/H Fighter in the CP exchange

Year 7 Day 21 17:04
First of all you must be landed on a planet. Then click on on the number that tells you how many CPs you have. Then click on the link along the top the says "Exchange CPs" Scroll down and click on the ship you wish to purchase. I'm not sure about the whole last part because I have never done it. If you click on "Guide" along the top of your screen you might find more information.

Year 7 Day 22 1:58
Steve Delta
Steve Delta
Thanks for that but where is the number that tells me where how many cps i have.

Year 7 Day 22 3:03
Dan Neo
Dan Neo
Right side of screen:

|Information| |General|

Right below level and above location.

If Infomation is minimized, click on it and it will show your character information.

Year 7 Day 23 9:50
Steve Delta
Steve Delta
thanks =D