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Archives » never recieved cps after I joined the exchange:(
hello, i had a problem with the combine banner exchange program, it seems i've been circulating as a member for several days: and I never recieved my cp's also i'm unable to login to my account to check the status of anything, is there anyone on that can help?
Also I had a question I talked to a PR director and he said the cps only amounted to 1500 as a reward, yet:
Do you have a Star Wars related site, or know someone that does? If so then you can join our Banner Exchange or Topsites List. Exchange will get you 5000cps and Topsite will get you 2500cps.
it advertises at 5,000 cps. can anyone clarify this second statement or maybe fix my account so I can get my cps?
grateful for any help

Edited By: Dane Star on Year 12 Day 166 15:42
You need to talk to the Banner Exchange guy to deal with that. As for the CPs, I believe it was reduced because people were abusing it for CPs - the rules page just hasn't been updated I would guess.


Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
The amount of CPs have been reduced to 1500, that is correct. You need to talk to Char`Kargis Olort he's the BannerX and PR Director. You don't get CPs automatically once you join the exchange you need to e-mail the BannerX address and ask, confirming you successfully joined the BannerX (account accepted).

As for not being able to access your account, try again the same user and pass you used on registration, otherwise contact Char`Kargis, or the system isn't working again.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
isn't that false advertizing though? I depended on that 5 cps a while back, although i'm not worried about it now, if the team can't get around to changing it they should honor it, you know for future players, My dad owns dairy queens and i've worked for him for two years, when we changed the size on one of our frozen treats people came in with old coupons and got extra money off, we gave it to them because the coupon said it was for a "blizzard" not only the large ones. I don't need the cps anymore but could someone please warn those of us who haven't the clue how to banner works? or just change the text.