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Year 7 Day 21 14:40

"The email address you provided does not conform to email address standards. Make sure you have spelt it correctly.
Please go [back] to fix it up."

Applies to this second address : John.Anderson@SWFLANT.NAVY.MIL

or even this first address:

Neither work. It's taking two days to try this game. I have to start at the webpage each time as well because "BACK" does not work (web browser security settings). attempting to put in into the lost password page only yields account not verified/established or such. I have made more than ten attempts so far. I am patient, and not angry. I would appreciate some help. As trully foolish as this sounds, did your server just crash during my attempt to loginas well...21DEC05 4:22 PM

John Anderson wrote:
Dear Combine Webmaster,

I have tried to log in and play your online roleplaying game. I have a small problem I would like your help with. I am on leave. I am a Second class Missile Technician in the United States Submarine Navy and that email address (
John.Anderson@SWFLANT.NAVY.MIL ) is the only one I have to use to log in with besides this email address. I am old enough to have this address for almost 10 years. I cannot get your registery reply email without going back to work on Christmas standown. My login handle was Dash Rex and I would very much like to either use this email address to log in with or receive the registry reply email through this email in order to play. As for obeying rules, you could not even possibly imagine all the rules we obey in order to work on ICBM's. Your servant from the deep, MT2 John M. Anderson

Togan Jano
Sent : Wednesday, December 21, 2005 8:02 AM
To : John Anderson
Subject : Re: Would like to log in and play....

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Hello Mr. Anderson (I've always wanted to say that ;) ),

I've changed your contact email to your hotmail address, so you're now able to retrieve a new password using the "lost password" feature on the frontpage (please use the hotmail address).
Have fun playing,

Togan Jano
Centrepoint Space Station

Year 7 Day 21 17:29
hmm can't find an account attached to either of those emails. What handle did you use?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 22 6:45
Ok, there seemed to be a server problem, since your email was apparently changed to a different one. I've changed it back to the hotmail address, so it should work now.


Year 7 Day 28 17:04
Elden Hororuokk
Elden Hororuokk
i tried to join the community games
it said i had to be invited
i signed up for them so i dont know what happened

Year 7 Day 28 18:49
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
You got there too late. The game had already started and redbat doesn't let people in in the middle of a game.

Year 7 Day 29 16:42
(Regarding the original poster's problem, Togan, you had changed the e-mail address before the account was actually approved. I dealt with it on IRC later since he applied with two accounts without realizing he needed them manually approved.)

As for the community game, Davsk is correct; the room is set invite-only when it is time to begin so you should try to arrive a few minutes early to be safe (and to account for differences between your computer clock and Redbat's).

Additionally, please open your own thread if you have a problem, instead of posting in someone else's.