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Year 7 Day 21 17:07
Hey, after a couple hours looking through various posts, archives, and rules; I decided to just finally break down and ask.

I'm in a ship right now, and I'd like to know what I can get for my CP's. Unfortunatly, you cannot see how much each ship costs and what the selection is while being inside a ship. I find this rather inconvient, to not even have the option to look, I'm a man that likes his research.

So, does anyone have this list, or a link I can click that will take me to it while in a ship? It'll be days before I can land on a planet and unboard, and I have more important business to attend to then that.

Thanks in advance


Year 7 Day 21 17:24


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 22 18:17
Thank you, much appreciated. Now i'll head over to the suggestion forum and see if I can get them to put that link in the CP exchange page..