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Year 12 Day 171 8:16
Daehd Moroz
Daehd Moroz
"The TT-8L Sentry Droid has been given the ability to be deployed in rooms, it will notify the owner when IFF neutral or enemies enter the same room."

1) The droid was implemented a while ago, does it always notify me when a IFF neutral or enemies enter the same room with the droid OR can it be avoided by said IFF neutral or enemies? Like using the implemented "Stealth" skill?

In other words, does the Droid have some sort of Sensor power?

If not, I presume it will, at the moment, ALWAYS notify if someone(neutral/enemy) was in the same room with the TT-8L Sentry.

I doubt that anything like this is implemented, but maybe I'm wrong...


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Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Year 12 Day 171 8:22
I know not all the answers you seek....

all I can comment on it that it notifies me whenever someone enters the same room as it, and again when someone leaves the same room.



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Year 12 Day 171 8:40
Stealth doesn't currently work within rooms, so I doubt it works on the droids either. However it does tell me when I walk past it, so it includes friendlies as well.


Year 12 Day 177 11:46
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Didn't think this would need a new thread.

The droid doesn't only detect characters, droids and NPCs, it also detects items moved past it, and highlights items that you are not the owner of, in a different color than the items you own. Would this indicate the possibility of me being able to detect whether or not another PC passing my TT-8L carries items he/she doesn't own? If so, how does that compare to the rules surrounding show on galactic map?

Year 12 Day 177 17:36
I've walked past my droids while carrying items and it didn't tell me about items, so presumably that only works with the move function rather than being carried around.


Year 12 Day 178 3:18
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Ah, yes, I did use the move items feature, forgot to mention that.

Edit: I guess that answers the question about possibility of seeing other PC's assets.

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Year 12 Day 178 6:35
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
It displays as a combat event. And scares the hell out of me.


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Year 12 Day 178 7:37
I agree with Lex, when I was testing it and then got Combat event I had panic attack =P


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Year 12 Day 178 8:13
Well, a sentry reporting movement is a form of combat report :P