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Archives » How to become ambidextrous..?
Year 12 Day 171 18:27
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
a 4 in general dex skill?

Year 12 Day 171 20:16
No such thing here. You have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. At the current moment it won't be changed.

Year 12 Day 171 20:40
Ah always found it odd that the Primary hand is the left hand (unless we actually view the paperdoll from the back, which would be a first)

Year 12 Day 171 21:35
It's that way because the coder is left handed. :P

Year 12 Day 172 6:29
That, actually makes sense

Year 12 Day 172 7:38
Or in the code that hand has a lower id number, and so was set as primary without its location really being thought of.


Year 12 Day 172 8:05
Nope, like I said before the coder is left handed. ;)

Year 12 Day 173 4:00
Or: The primary weapon slot isn't actually linked to a specific hand, and just happens to be the one closer to the item drag-n-drop interface.

Year 12 Day 173 4:45
Wrong again, but thanks for playing...

[07:16:54] Reveral_Grus> My left hand is my primary hand?
[07:17:00] @Sin> Yes
[07:17:02] @Sin> Because I'm left handed

Year 12 Day 173 5:18
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
It's a good thing Sin has never give a glib answer in his life.