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Archives » Prospecting delayed (again)?
Year 7 Day 22 5:56
K`r K`l
K`r K`l
"Year 7 Day 20, 8:37 Prospecting started"

Well, now it is Year 7 Day 21, 05:55 and there are more than 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete?

P.S. No response in 8 hours. That makes me to retire from this game... I will come back (maybe) in a year or two, to see if some good changes occur. The level of inconsistency is too high. I'm pretty sure that if the SW movies were made in the same manner, with such problems and lack of attention, and the producer still insist to show them on theaters, no one will look at them a minute...


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Year 7 Day 22 15:50
Well it is a few days before Xmas. The techies are probably busy on holiday/buying last minute gifts/with their family etc.

Eight hours is not unreasonable. Just have a little more patience. :)

Year 7 Day 22 17:38

See my new news post about actions being paused.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 22 17:53
Wow, didn't you read the statement that "the game is being developed in the spare time of the developers" when you signed up? Not only are the people working on the movies paid but that is most of their full time jobs...the combine is no one's full time job.