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Archives » Won't let me make an account
Year 12 Day 175 16:37

I live in a apartment complex and I'm not sure if anyone else here plays this game, to be honest I really really doubt this. However, it keeps saying I'm suspected for multi-accounting? I've been checking out the forums and the game and it seems really really cool, unfortunately though I can't play it!!!

My email is xelagut@yahoo.com, I've tried to send an email asking this question, but it's ignored/hasn't been or something.

Year 12 Day 175 17:38
Try when you make your account, mention that you are in an apartment block in the multi field that is part of the registration process. It may also be worthwhile making a support ticket (link at the bottom on the right) mentioning this fact too. This means that the normal account accepters ignore it and leave it to the Admins to have a look at.


Year 12 Day 176 17:57
I'm looking at your join request right now and it indeed comes up with a red-flag with a matching IP address for a currently active player.

Year 12 Day 177 18:18
Do you have any idea of someone who played in the computer you're using besides you? you were probably called by a friend/familiar who actually played in the computer you're using besides you, therefore, they might have registered one account in that computer.