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Year 12 Day 178 17:47
I'm just curious to see if this is something I simply have to look forward to, or if the following constitutes illegal harassment. Here's the deal...

I recently relieved a large amount of goods from a player, in excess of 30 Million credits. Morally, that's not right. However it is not discouraged as per the Combine rules. Needless to say the individual was less than thrilled, and has promised to send me a message for each credit that was taken. From the time of the incident, lasting about 3.5 hours, or so, I have received dozens of simple messages from this individual. They've even gone as far as to threatening to buy all my CPM listings so no one else will get them. Effectively cutting off Centrepoint as a source of income, as I'm sure they have no intentions of sending me credits. The only threats I would find reasonable, is to be placed on their company's Black List, and perhaps a squad of bounty hunters to look for me.

I won't give this individual's name in such a public forum. I don't want to cause them any more embarrassment. However I do have screen shots of the full dialogue between us, as well as the multitude of messages received thus far. As much as this person is furious with me for my actions, I am equally disappointed in the childish behavior displayed by this Chief of Operations, who heads one of the galaxy's largest conglomerates.

So the questions I pose to the Administration, is this type of harassment acceptable by SWC standards, and if not, is there anything that can be done about it? I request that an Admin contact me for the mentioned screen shots if necessary. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in. I figured it would either be here, or the Trader's Lounge, so I tried here first. Thank you for your time.


Year 12 Day 178 17:58
As per the threats regarding CPM, I would direct that to Togan as buying listing without the intention of buying them is something that is against his rules (as I recall) and he can take action on that.

As for the darkness-based issues, please e-mail me the relevant information: arete@swcombine.com

I'll discuss with you the details and see if this constitutes a breaking of the rules.

:Edit: Issue has been dealt with as per SimNews.

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Year 12 Day 178 22:25
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
for 3.5 hrs? hmm, how many DM's exactly? Nahh, because you know what's (likely) coming after you pull off one of those moves..

He's just letting off steam (in you're face) it's the least he could do after losing 30m to you, so it's a fair trade right?.

and he's gonna be pissed for awhile (which you know happens in your line of work -_-) so why expect perfect civil behavior about the situation? you wasn't exactly civil yourself..

he will cool down sooner or later & now he has that chance for sure.

so why, so upset? (if you even truly feel bothered about a bunch of angry DM's)

kama dude, kama.. just don't complain o-o. (no one ever quote me on this!)

Year 12 Day 179 0:07
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
He (probably) only Spammed You to hell, right? :)

Year 12 Day 180 1:20
Deleted Post
Deleted by Togan Jano. Reason: vulgar language
Year 12 Day 183 15:32
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
To me that is harassment although only because of the amount of messages sent. I know it is kind of arbitrary to pick a number that all of sudden makes annoying become excessive but if you ripped the guy off he should be allowed to harass you a little bit but only IC.

So to me if he sends maybe 5 messages a week that are IC and do not use any profanity than it is okay but to spam someone with 30 million messages is not okay if that makes any sense.

I also think that him trying to screw you on CPM is okay since you have the opportunity to report him to Togan and get him banned. Plus his CPM reputation would be terrible eventually and he could never use the site effectively again.

Oh, remind me never to do business with you IC. ;)

Year 12 Day 184 15:47
if you relieved individual of 30 million credits on CPM will you report yourself?


Year 12 Day 185 20:25
It doesn't sound like it was theft, it sounds like somebody meant to send 3mil, accidentally sent 30mil, he decided to keep it or something like that. But it's irrelevant, this is an OOC forum, there is no IC evidence of theft or poor trading.

I'd say threatening to buy CPM listings is valid IC harrassment, but abusing events/DMs to an extreme degree would border on invalid OOC harrassment.


Year 12 Day 186 22:58
I'd say threatening to buy CPM listings is valid IC harrassment, but abusing events/DMs to an extreme degree would border on invalid OOC harrassment.

- Teniel

This is why I advised warning Togan regarding the CPM issue, and why a ban was issued by me.

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