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Year 12 Day 183 23:43
I was wondering if there is any type of archive where i could look at past CP ships, just for me personal knowledge so i can know what ships are what


sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 183 23:49
There was a list on the dev wiki, but only the admins have access to that now. Not sure if anyone has added it to the Guide wiki.


Year 12 Day 183 23:56
Aren't the ships listed as Rare former CP ships? Not talking about Unique ships, just the Rare ones like the Long-probe (man that sounds dirty)

Year 12 Day 184 0:59
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
CP Ships of old are "Rare" ships, but there are also those who are currently producible ships. I recall getting my first ship off CP purchase which was a YT-2000. Below are the ships I can recall off hand.

Capital Ships

Tartan Patrol Cruiser
Belarus Medium Carrier
Belarus Medium Cruiser
Namana-class Light Cruiser
Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser (I can't recall if I saw the I or S-Class back in the dayI do recall one at one point, but someone reminded me that both were at one point in time- Producible Now)
Bayonet-class Light Cruiser
Y-Head Corvette
DP-20 Gunships - ALL Classes (All Producible except the B-Class)
CR-70 Corvette
Dreadnaught Class (Producible Now)

Freighter Ships

Class VI Bulk Freighter
Consular-class Cruiser
J-type 327 Starship
Personal Luxury Yacht 5000
Naboo Star Skiff
H-type Yacht
Gozanti Cruiser
YT-2000 (Producible Now)
J-type 322 Starship
Starlight Light Freighter
Rho-class Shuttle
Baudo-class Star Yacht
BR-23 Courier
S40K Phoenix Hawk-Class Light Pinnace

Fighter Class

C-Wing Ugly
T-Wing (Producible Now)
Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe
Cloakshape/H Fighter (Producible Now)
A-24 Sleuth
I-Beam Starfighter
N-1 Starfighter
Ginivex-class Starfighter
ETA-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor

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Year 12 Day 184 10:44
Once upon a time, before production, a large portion of the included entities (at the time) were CP ships. Not long (as I recall) after the switch to Darkness (might even have been at the same time) the list was completely redone with some new ships (prequel ships and a few others from newer sources) that were not, at the time, assigned as DCs.

Then the DC and CP lists were both redone, and some of those CP ships became produceable, and new CP ships were introduced. This was the start of the current system, where "retired" CP lists are rare/not available for production.

There are a few rare entities that were not on the CP list at any time, but most of the not available for production ships were CP at one point.


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Year 12 Day 184 15:15
Darius Morettius
Darius Morettius
The CR-90 and 90a along with all the DP-20s were CP ships as well before production in darkness.

Not all rare ships were CP ships either. Some were given as prizes or such in special events, ships such as the ARC-170s or Toscans or the Hardcell Transports.

Other than the CR's and DP's I've mentioned, I think Zero's list is fairly complete.

Year 13 Day 44 19:00
How do you actually purchase the cp ships.


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Year 13 Day 44 19:03
Below your character level is the number of CPs you have. Click it. The initial page has links in little square boxes, clicking those will earn you a few CP points. You can do this every 24hrs from last click. At the top are several tabs, go to Exchange CPs. The rest of the instructions are there.