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Year 12 Day 186 16:53
Thomas Redwood
Thomas Redwood
Are they useful I know they have ahyper 6 with some weapons but are they worth buying ?

Also Whats better the y-tie or x-Ceptor.

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Year 12 Day 186 18:39
Galthar Spech
Galthar Spech
I find that having 6 hyper is handy, especially when they are escorting a YT or something. The lack of weapons isn't that bad, but im not going to get tied up in any space combat if it comes out, so that doesn't bother me. I would go with a Y-tie because of the torpedo launchers. other than that they are essentially the same.


Year 12 Day 186 22:29
As you are a new player, I would recommend you join a faction, who will most likely assign you a decent freighter to use. Fighters have little in the ways of practicality.

However, to answer your question, the Byblos is okay for just running about, but if you ever plan to do any damage post-combat, you'll want a freighter with eight sensors, or at least four sensors bare minimum.

I couldn't recommend any of the uglies for much of anything, but if you're simply fascinated with them, you might as well just collect all three, because they're so cheap.

Comparatively speaking, the X-'ceptor wins hands-down. The Y-TIE's torpedo launchers are useful, but not against enemy fighters. And none of the uglies have any sensors to speak of, so the torpedoes' long-range advantage is negligible. The X-'ceptor is also faster and tougher, giving it a bigger advantage in a dogfight. It is also superior to the Cloakshape/H fighter, which used to be the most popular newbie ship.

But Practically speaking, the Y-TIE has a larger cargo capacity and can hold a second passenger.

Personally, I'd go with the X-'ceptor over any of the others.

Year 12 Day 186 22:56
The G-1A is one of the strongest fighters in defensive terms. It has one of the highest combined ratings of shields, hull and ionic, making it able to withstand a beating from dogfights. Also it's commendable speed make it hard to catch by most modern designs. I would say all in all it's a very decent fighters, and worth owning as a personal fighter or transport, especially with the extra passenger seat.

Year 12 Day 187 0:39
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
I used to own one and loved it. A squadron of Byblos would be as good a squadron as any other group of fighters out there I think. Very well balanced fighter.