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Year 12 Day 189 19:16
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
i was wondering if their are any force sensatives out theri willing to test me

ive tried contacting the jedi order but no response

Year 12 Day 189 19:50
Talk to the Old Republic, they should be able to help set something up (and it's usually safer doing it through a faction rather than grabbing some guy in a robe on the street, you never know who they might really be, a Sith or even some wierdo wearing nothing but the robe)

Year 12 Day 189 21:21
The Jedi tend to only test factions. Other Force Sensitives usually only test their own factions (for example, we - the Sith - only test the GE [or other IU factions that ask]).

There are some freelancer FS who will test you, but you're probably better off just joining a faction with FS connections and waiting to be tested.

I'll take this opportunity to remind you that you have like a 6% chance at best and not to get your hopes up.

Year 12 Day 189 22:51
And from what I understand watch who your dealing with some people will kill you if they find out your force sensetive


Everything is a weapon.


Year 12 Day 306 10:31
What if your already in a faction that probaly is connected to the Force ( rebel alliance etc.) then what do you do?


You Eskimo questions 'cause you know that I'll lie.
Year 12 Day 306 13:01
Ask your superiors about, they should be able to see if there are any upcoming tests by Jedi within your faction or friendly factions.



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