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Archives » Hal Breden is picking on me. Why?
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I was banned before I could even read a post saying that it was in the wrong place. Now thinking about it, the first one may have been. Now, I am calmly asking 1) How long is the blasted ban, and 2) how did I threaten you? Now, don't reply with bull, please. :)


- Jengo "Jen" Chase
Year 12 Day 195 11:28
Be careful how you proceed. I'll be watching.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 195 11:49
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
I'm just going to clarify this a bit, being a RP'er.

I do see how that is LOOSELY godmoding, but it's just meant to describe going into the restaurant. If I were put on trial, I believe that it would be seen that I did nothing wrong. 

Literally the whole post was you describing what our characters were doing. There was no effort to create any atmosphere, no setting whatsoever beyond 'this is the space taco' and at least once a sentence you described what other characters were doing. Just for your future reference, this is a textbook case of godmodding.

In the suggestions forum you posted at least three(that I saw) suggestions, all of which broke at least one of the restricted topics. So that's probably why you were banned.

in General talk, that I saw, you posted two threads that belonged in other places, or nowhere, and when they were closed and deleted, you made another one, asking where they had gone. So that's probably why you were banned from there.

Just my two deci-creds.

Oh, and there's an edit button on your posts Jengo, so that you don't have to post over and over.


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Year 12 Day 195 19:30
This maybe true, but then again, I suck at starting a RP post...fail.....:(


- Jengo "Jen" Chase
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