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Year 12 Day 194 17:04
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
how do you find creatures and please dont tell me to look in a site

alsowhat happend to the creature button that was ussualy under member info inventory

and what can you do with creatures

please and thank you

mark smith

Edited By: Mark Smith on Year 12 Day 194 17:09
Year 12 Day 194 17:29
Creatures were temporarily removed from the game pending further implementation such as player vs. creature combat.

Year 12 Day 194 19:29
As Elijah said creatures were temporarily disabled until creature combat is implemented to avoid cases where we have 500 rancors in a city, combat is switched on and they kill everything there before anyone logs in.

As for the creature inventory option, I would guess it was removed until they had worked out how to capture creatures, and that is implemented.


Year 12 Day 195 8:26
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
thank you for your answers do you know when it will be back

Year 12 Day 195 14:47
There is a common joke in the Combine that game features like this, and upcoming ones, will be here "soon." The joke is that sometimes the features are back in short order, and sometimes it takes a long time before they are returned or implemented. The game is supported by volunteer work only, so next time you see an Admin, or someone on the development team be sure to thank them. In the meanwhile, just be patient and enjoy the things we do have.