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Year 12 Day 196 15:02
So awhile back there was a Sim news event addressing that peoples with space stations in deep space will have a 1 time relocation of their stations once the new server comes out.


When do I get to pick where my station is located?


Deny deny deny.
Year 12 Day 196 15:48
When they announce that it is time. It will likely be either right before or right after the galaxy shift.

Year 12 Day 196 18:21
I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this in the galaxy FAQ thread. All stations will get a one time move, and we will post a SimNews once that time comes, which will be after the new galaxy is synced to main and sorted.


Year 12 Day 197 0:23
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Will there be a time limit after the change in which you will have to decide a new location? I would like to scout a new location before deciding where to put station(s), and that can only be done after the change and will probably take a little while.

I doubt it will be allowed, but if there is a time limit, can a player suggest a deep space location and have an Asim confirm it's empty before the move is done?

Year 12 Day 197 2:25
Not sure, but I would guess not very long. You'd have to ask Jesfa about that specifically.