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Archives » NPCs, terrain restrictions, and survival gear.
It it my understanding that NPCs do not need any protective equipment, regardless of planet type, to survive. This is because they are exempt from atmospheric HP penalties.

But Ewoks, however elite they may be, have an ocean terrain restriction. Are NPCs also exempt from race terrain restrictions, or are they the same as PCs in that respect? If they cannot, in fact, travel on ocean terrain, will equipping them with aquatic survival gear allow them to do so, just as PCs?

I ask this of course, in order to discover the feasibility of an Elite Ewok Frogmen team.

yer crazeee...

Just be glad he's fixated on the hairy footstools or he might be wanting to get a look at what you have under your robes :P

Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
... you ... what?
.... *rereads*


... seriously?

*calls people over to read it* I KNOW!


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I see one major flaw in the plan...

Wet Ewok is going to STINK! I mean, if you think wet dog is bad, you have another thing coming!!

But seriously and on topic, I don't think survival gear works on NPCs, period. I can't say that I've tried it, though.


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I see one major flaw in the plan...

Wet Ewok is going to STINK! I mean, if you think wet dog is bad, you have another thing coming!!

- "Hal Breden"
Well, I actually thought of that. That's while they'll be wearing full body drysuits with built in dehumidifiers which disperse their sweat into the water they're swimming in, to keep them dry and not so smelly.

But like you said, it looks like it'll be yet another thing I'll have to test myself.

However, if anyone has tested this please let me know!

Phillip, I love the hell outta you. The things you do with these NPCs is incredible and impresses the hell out of me. Keep it up.

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Will do! I'll be sure to post my test results here when I finally get around to it.


No armour, so they will die so much quicker.

As for the question, as Hal said survival equipment doesn't seem to work on NPCs as they are not affected by atmospheres at the moment, so I suspect it won't let them walk on water.


They can have armor, just not right away. As soon as they set foot on land, they can take off the suit, take their armor out of their backpack, and put it on. An amphibian survival backpack can easily hold a kinetic armor vest and a Corellian powersuit helmet.

Before deploying, I equip them with their aquatic survival gear. Then I switch their inventory tag to one with a near identical fitout, except that they have the armor and helmet instead of the suit and mask. Upon landing, I could mass empty the backpacks easily enough, by ordering them to drop their items. Then I can select the backpacks and "empty selected items". Then I order them to pickup their fitout, and presto! They're armed and armored!

The main drawback to this tactic is twofold: Although the amphibian survival backpack can hold the suit and mask after removing the armor, I'd have to load them all up one-by-one. This would be time consuming, especially during a beach landing where time is critical. And I'd also have to load the armor and helmet back into the backpack for the egress. However, I guess I could stock up on extra suits and masks and just replace them after each mission. Equipment is cheap, Elite Ewok Frogmen are priceless.

But it all rests on whether Ewoks can utilize survival gear! *kneels and prays*

...[NPCs] are not affected by atmospheres at the moment, so I suspect it won't let them walk on water.

- "Ellias Aubec"
I figured terrain restrictions and atmospheric effects were separate systems. Is this not the case?

for real, phillip you are great man! keep it up, and if you aren't already set yourself up for death matches.


I was actually pointing out the lack of armour on your pseudo-warrior ewoks in your image...


Raheem, I've already set myself up for the deathmatch, it's only a matter of time before I get picked!

You're right Ellias, I'll have to find some good samples and add in some armor.

Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
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I think its time to edit said 'elite' ewoks so their skills become 0 ... aw looks like they are puddy little cats now.

Asims, no abuse of powers here, move along please.