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Archives » Need some help with accounts
Year 7 Day 25 17:50
Ok, it's the holiday season. My family is having the rest of the family over for Christmas dinner. And we have a few people staying with us for awhile. And I was telling my cousins about the combine. And they all agreed to share one account, on an MSN email address. So, we came to the combine, and they tried to sign up as a multi of mine. And, it said that the address was invalid, and that free addresses arent allowed. That account is paid for, all they did was use it through Hotmail. So does that mean they cant sign up? Because Im out of paid addresses. lol.

Year 7 Day 26 8:57
Everyone will have to sign up with a different non-free email address (they can't use your msn email and hotmail is a free provider, so it won't work).


Year 7 Day 26 13:12
You could always change your e-mail from a paid one to your hotmail. Then use that paid one to start their account. Afterwards you can swap them to another unpaid address and shift yours back to your paid one.

I hope I was clear enough. :)

Edited By: Dryn Scoo on Year 7 Day 26 13:12
Year 7 Day 26 15:07
Dryn, that wouldn't work, since the server keeps the signup email and checks at signup wether that email was already used to sign up. Otherwise the whole "only non-free emails" rule wouldn't make much sense.


Year 7 Day 27 0:28
I was told MSN is considered a free account. But its 19.99 a month. How is it considered free?

Year 7 Day 27 4:19
Ferrick Casant
Ferrick Casant
I think filtering uses the term "free" rather crypticly in that your adress dosent have to be paid for to be accepted furthermore my opinion is that its not against "free" e-mails but "mainstream" adresses , thats my opinion . At anyrate hotmail is one of those "mainstream" adresses and it will not get accepted ; i apoligize for the overzelous use of qoutes in this post =D


Year 7 Day 30 19:14
We allow but we do not allow



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Year 7 Day 31 5:13
MSN is allowed if that is your internet service provider. However, users who use the free MSN passport e-mail must use their legitimate ISP e-mail address or another non-free e-mail address to sign up.