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Archives » Still does not work... Sigma Methaine

Tried all of them except for step 4, I really dont trust Firefox at the moment :s

Anyways... I dont know what to do, I will try other computers eventually but not any time soon.

Why don't you trust Firefox?

I had the same problems as you until I tried Firefox.


Just dont feel like new software or anything....

Firefox is far more stable and secure than Internet Explorer. And it seems to have cured the login problem for a lot of people. You don't need to completely get rid of IE, or switch for everything (in fact I recommend keeping IE around for the few sites that aren't Firefox-compatible), but try it for the Combine and see if it works, and if you like it.


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Ok I guess I may try it, it is getting pretty big and Microsoft is taking over the world which needs to be stopped one littlee step at a time :)

99% of sites are FF compatible, to date only Lufty hasn't worked for me, that I can think of. Also, it works almost identically to IE, so it's not like learning a new program or something :)


In this case, the problem is often related to FF and IE storing passwords differently. For some reason this tends to stop working for players using IE to log into SWC. This is why we recommend it, since Firefox is a browser we know stores passwords in a manner that is more compatible. (:




I got firefox and it stil won't let me log in. It just keeps refreshing the page.

If you have exhausted all of the suggestions in the sticky post, an admin will need to manually reset your password. Usually Khan does this but he has been busy lately. If no admins respond to your post I would recommend e-mailing khan@swcombine.com directly.