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Year 12 Day 199 7:46
I've added new descriptions to several of my custom items but I can't find a way to view the description once it's been written. Is there somewhere I'm not looking or is it a bug?


Year 12 Day 199 14:37
Go into your inventory, select the item/s, go down to the drop down box and there should be a little description edit thing to change it. I'm not sure if you can actually view it, although someone else may know.


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Year 12 Day 199 14:50
I know I can edit it but I can't seem to view it afterwards.


Year 12 Day 199 15:25
Have you tried clicking on the image to bring up the big picture?

Year 12 Day 199 15:32
Yes, that doesn't work either.


Year 12 Day 199 15:35
We normally call that a bug, and you should report it as such.

Year 12 Day 199 15:42
Just tried it, and it doesn't appear to actually save the changed description, so report it as a bug

Year 12 Day 211 2:30
sorry to write here do not know where I find the appropriate forum but I have a question on what I can gather I am here please opomoc xp and guess my pw:)

Year 12 Day 211 6:10
What are you trying to gather?