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Archives » So "Seeker" Can't Be A First Name?

As the title suggests, i'm just wondering why "Seeker" can't be a IC name, i tried making an account with the handle "Seeker Covell" and it got declined because i've been told that i'm not aloud to use a title in my name.

My point is that i would like to ask for permission to use Seeker as my characters first name, since that is what it is. FYI, i'm not trying to give my character the title Seeker it's because i'd like my characters name to Seeker and not the usual names that are hanging about.

IC First Name: Seeker
IC Last Name: Covell

It seems normal for someone to be called Seeker, it just like being called Traveller/travller, i've met people with that name, just saying.

Thanks for reading and hope you can reply with your thoughts ;)

Seeker (or Traveller) do not sound like names, thus they violate the rules regardless of whether they're intended as a title or not. Just because some people choose daft names in real life does not change the rules of this game which are quite specific.

Choose a better name, one that sounds like a name and not a title.


Also, Covell is a canon last name.

And the rules clearly state:
"You may not use the name or last name of an existing Star Wars character."



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