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Year 12 Day 202 6:41

As the title states, I would like to ask a question about Roleplaying. Say, if I was going to participate in a Roleplay in the Meeting Hall, would the items in my inventory be the only ones my character can use, or could I use items that my character has aqquired before creation, or simply items that my character would have acess to, but doesn't own at that time.

In short, can my character have other items other than the ones in my inventory, in a Roleplay?

Thanks in Advance,
Niveus Lumeni

Year 12 Day 202 14:55
From what i understand, you can have items in your inventory, as well as general items (like clothing, ammo, etc.). I am expecting someone else to come along and pick up on the rest, so keep an eye here for a day or 2.


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Year 12 Day 202 17:47
You can use any entities that you could realistically obtain. SO if you are not in the Galactic Empire, then its highly unlikely you will be flying around on an ISD with a team of Storm Troopers in tow. But you could have a YT-1300, with some Corellian Power Armour etc even if you don't own it.


Year 12 Day 203 1:16
That cleared it up. Thanks you two.

Year 12 Day 207 1:42
I just wanted to expand on this a bit. Does the same thing apply with droids and NPC's?

Year 12 Day 207 8:17
Yes - if it's a publicly available droid and/or NPC then go for it. However you won't be using things like Stormtrooper NPCs or Super Battle Droids for the same reason - they are restricted entities.


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Year 12 Day 207 19:33
Of course. Thanks for the help once again.