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Year 12 Day 205 12:35
I would like to know how do i find out what kind of ammo a particualr weapon uses, and how many rounds it holds. I have a BT-500 and can't seem to find info on what ammo it takes.



Year 12 Day 205 13:43
Ammo has been disabled for the first stages of combat, thus your BT-500 currently doesn't need any ammo.

Year 12 Day 205 21:55
However, when ammo was implemented, any energy weapon could be loaded with any powercell, and any slugthrower could be loaded with any slug magazine. But each weapon had a maximum capacity, so even though I could load an A280 (5 round capacity) with a 100 round powercell, it would still only hold 5 rounds, and the other 95 were discarded.

So perhaps if ammo is ever reimplemented, that will remain the same? Anyways, it still never hurts to stock up on all types of ammo.

Year 12 Day 206 6:55
Just make sure it is in a crate before buying (ammo on the ground does not show up in the Equipment page for you to pick up)

Year 12 Day 206 11:56
Indeed! I forgot to mention that. Do not remove any ammo from the crates, you will be able to neither see it nor repackage it. Technically you can still see loose ammo in the travel menu, but that does no good.