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Archives » LIttle confused about new skills
Year 12 Day 207 10:53
Thrak Gorlam
Thrak Gorlam
Would vehicle/barge combat be related to infantry command or vehicle command?

It makes more sense that vehicle command should affect vehicle/barge combat but the skill says something about affecting atmospheric combat.

Could somebody please explain all of this for me so I will know where to place my skill points.

Year 12 Day 209 13:56
Thrak Gorlam
Thrak Gorlam
Seriously guys? no responses yet? could somebody please clear some things up for me?

Year 12 Day 209 17:40
3 hours is not that long to wait by the way.

But to answer your question the Infantry/Vehicle Command skills will decide how many squads of NPCs/vehicles you can control at once, and the combat skills will determine how well you can use the onboard weapons of the vehicle you are driving. Presumably once NPC pilots are implemented their skills will determine how well the vehicles they are in will fire.


Year 12 Day 209 17:52
Thrak Gorlam
Thrak Gorlam
Thank you. I greatly appreciate your response.

However, it was 2 days and 3 hours.

Year 12 Day 228 10:18
what is a npc??

Year 12 Day 228 10:23
NPC means Non-Player Character. Basically that they exist and can perform functions based on how you employ and interact with them as a PC (player character, you). In simple terms, the game governs them while in your case you govern your player.

The portion of the rules dealing with NPCs can be found here.