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Year 7 Day 28 4:38
I have a problem. Bounty Hunter Aliance assigned me a ship. It's above Garon, city of Cona. But I dont know how to get to the ship. Im in Garon.

Year 7 Day 28 5:28
Kostova Zambito
Kostova Zambito
Find the shuttle service and take the shuttle to your ship.

Year 7 Day 28 6:35
Hmm, I dont see it. There is only majors house, store, tavern, few power generators, apartment buildings and civic center.

Year 7 Day 28 11:00
It's a NPC, not a building.


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Year 7 Day 29 3:58
O right, I found it. But I have another problem. After conversation with shuttle service, appears "There are no ships or stations in orbit that you may travel to."

Year 7 Day 29 4:57
Kostova Zambito
Kostova Zambito
At this point, you need to talk to the Bounty Hunter Alliance, go to thier website. Your ship may be on the way.

Year 7 Day 29 10:39
Thats the point. Contact with BHA. But I dont have any contact with them. Thats my problem :/

Thats shuttle position:
Docked In Ship: (ID: 4109)
Sector: Mayagil [Click for info on Mayagil.]
Galactic Position: Teke Ro (65, -333) [Click for info on Teke Ro.]
System Position: (16, 10)

Thats my position:
Sector: Mayagil
System: Teke Ro (65, -333)
Planet: Cona (16, 10)
City: Garon (0, 2)
Ground Position: (9, 11)

It means that my ship is on good position. Really, I dont know what to do :(

Year 7 Day 30 13:41
You really need to talk to the BHA. They're the only ones who can really help you.


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Year 7 Day 31 5:15
Have you tried sending a Darkness message to the leader, or checking their website? Faction websites are required to contain contact information, and typically have forums as well.



Year 7 Day 53 5:22
Another problem with ships!

When I try to enter my ship, there comes a message saying it cannot hold any more passengers. When I try to kick the passenger outta there, it says "There is no docking bay room to go to."

How can I get rid of him and fly away?

If these helps, so be it:

Ship ID:107656

Location:Sector: Kessel
Galactic Position: The Maw (416, -6)
System Position: (9, 11)

Year 7 Day 53 6:09
Haven't got time to debug kicking at the moment so I moved the guy to the entrance room of your ship manually.


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