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Year 12 Day 209 19:17
Tez Falloy
Tez Falloy
How do you add those picture's beneath your charachter when you post?

Edited By: Tez Falloy on Year 12 Day 210 7:59
Year 12 Day 209 19:50
THey are present for the various players that are part of the teams - if you mouseover it, the tool tip will tell you what teams that player is a part of. If you are not part of any team, you don't get anything.


Year 12 Day 209 20:03
Deleted Post
Tez Falloy
Deleted by Tez Falloy. Reason: Second question popped in my head related to this one
Year 12 Day 209 20:05
Tez Falloy
Tez Falloy
No not the faction one,Some people have Images benath them like Syn,how do you get that?

Year 12 Day 209 21:46
It's a Signature.

Year 12 Day 209 22:10
Ah do oyu mean sigs? If so then there is an option to add a sig in the CHaracter pages, though making it too big will bring the wrath of the admins on you. WHenever you reply there is a SHow Signature tickbox, and for me at least its automatically ticked.


Year 12 Day 210 4:55
you have to use html image tag to add image into your signature. This should help:


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 12 Day 210 11:49
As requested.