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Year 12 Day 209 19:53
I know factions can edit your info fields and NPCs have info fields the owner/manager can edit, but can a character edit at least one of their own info fields?

Year 12 Day 209 21:00
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
A player (with the right privs) can edit their own infofield.

Year 12 Day 209 22:08
Infofields are a faction benefit, and only those members that have the edit infofield priv can change their members infofields.


Year 12 Day 209 22:24
So a freelancer can't edit their own info field?

Year 12 Day 209 22:46
Year 12 Day 224 18:22
I suspect Infofields are broken at the moment. (Not certain.)

Both myself and the Vice President have Infofield privs, but neither of us can edit Infofields.

Year 12 Day 224 18:27
There are multiple bug base issues already for this problem.

Year 12 Day 224 18:39
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
I can add info fields with Google chrome, so maybe it's just with FF/IE?

Year 12 Day 224 22:15
Thanks for the info Xu, I'll try downloading Chrome and see if I can edit them.

(Currently using Firefox.)

Year 12 Day 225 20:01
how do you even change your info fields? >_>


Year 12 Day 225 20:37
A person wth relevant privs can edit them from the faction member list. No other way.


Year 12 Day 227 5:27
If it's any help, I lost the ability to edit the Infofields when I upgraded to Firefox 5.

I "downgraded" to Firefox 3.6 today, and the Infofields are working again.

Year 12 Day 227 11:02
Elas Sacara
Elas Sacara
For the reccord there are now 3 threads about this.

How do you "Downgrade" firefox?

Year 12 Day 227 12:56
Uninstall the version you have an install an older version.

Year 12 Day 229 7:46