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Year 12 Day 210 22:28

I signed up for an account with the name Ranxerox..ran and the word xerox like the copier with the accent on ran, with a last name Clash which means a battle or the like. The name Ranxerox is a real name of a character from a comic book from years ago that is no longer used and in print and it was rejected saying:

Your handle does not match our current rules requirements. It was turned down
because it either contains numbers/special characters or it doesn't sound like a
name (ie: Red Wolf). The reason why I picked it because it was different but still a name..a real name of a real character..google Ranxerox if you like! Anyway I dont think I would be interested in a game that doesn't let you be differnet or choose a REAL NAME of a real character.

Year 12 Day 210 22:32
You may not use the name of an existing character in a different universe.

- Character Creation Rules

Mate, the fact that the name does exist in another universe is a reason why it can't be accepted according to the rules. Names are important, but don't get hung up on this one. There are plenty to choose from dude. :)

Year 12 Day 210 23:37
And its possible it was rejected because Clash doesn't really sound like a last name.


Year 12 Day 211 2:25
I can't remember what exactly, but I've seen last names far worse then Clash.

Its quiet possible to have an unsual name, best way to come up with one is randomly put letters togeather until you find something that sounds good for a first name and a last name. Be creative and try not to use the names of an existing character weather the name is from the star wars universe or another.

Year 12 Day 211 6:07
I can't remember what exactly, but I've seen last names far worse then Clash. 
Pretty much the same here, but it's difficult to figure out what will and will not be accepted when you see names that were accepted "apparently" prior to the rule change and grandfathered in, and then you see posts from potential new players who had their names declined "because they are not real names"

Year 12 Day 211 9:42
Hi. I'm the guy who's been accepting/denying requests lately. I denied your handled because "Ranxerox" was exactly like you said, a combination of "Ran' and "Xerox" and to me that's not a name but the combination of two words.

Also you said it's from a comic book character, and we don't allow names from other universes that are pre-existing.

Thanks, and good luck finding a new actual name.


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