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Archives » Best template for NPC builders to resist A/E
Kip Kraytos
Kip Kraytos
I see a PC can assign to run fight or talk their way out of A/E.

What about NPC builders?

What skills do they use when someone trys to A/E?
Is there a default type of reaction for them?


If you scroll down on that same page where you set your own preferences for A/E you'll see the options for your NPCs.

As far as I am aware, just using logic here, they would use the same skills as a PC. So take a look at what skills your builders have and set the best preference for them. Default is always run I believe.

Where is the A/E settings page? I know I've seen it before long ago, but I can't for the life of me find it now.


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It's in the faction menu, the same place where you can join or leave a faction, see what stocks you have and manage membership if your permissions are high enough.


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