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Year 12 Day 211 14:39
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
So reading the rules about the Arrest/Execute function has raised a few questions for me:

1) If someone evades an arrest and their A/E setting is for "fight" than what happens? Does the arrester lose HP?

2) Does the target arrestee have any chance of turning the tables and arresting the arrester? Any way to steal the stun cuffs?

3) Is there any way to die besides being A/E or sunning/black holing while piloting a ship?

Year 12 Day 211 15:03
No. No. Not that I can think of.


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Year 12 Day 211 15:32
1) Not currently. You just manage to get away/ you lose the fight with your victim.

2) Its a one-sided system, so you can't steal items or arrest because they tried.

3) Sunning, Blackholing, and A/E are the ONLY ways to die at the moment.

Just expounding on Hal's answers.