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Archives » Uncorrected work with new Firefox.
Greetings. I have a little question.

Since i updated my firefox to version 5.0 , i see that i cant use some little feauters of the SWC: i cant work with infofields in faction list, or with names (rename item, change a manager\pilot) in an inventory.

I mean, with earlier firefox version (3.5) i could just click on the name of the item and could rename it right there, in the list. Same about infofields. Now i click, but nothing happens. So to change a manager\pilot or a name of anything in my invintory, i must use checkboxes and select an action.

I think its something wrong with javascript, maybe i am wrong. I am not good in all these things, so decided to ask here.

Is it my fall and i must do something or SWC doesnt support Firefox 5.0 verison yet?

Thank you, bye.


I am having the same problem with Firefox.


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Likewise, though I don't recall having updated FF. I thought it was a SWC bug after the last syncs.

Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Have the same problem (FF), and tried it in IE 6.0.2 without luck. Not sure how helpful that is though :)

I noticed one time (in Firefox 4, actually), that I couldn't click to rename, but on the next session it worked fine. And it's worked perfect on Firefox 5 as well, it must be an SWC thing and not a Firefox thing.

ok, thank you all. Then its not FF. Lets wait next global sync.


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Yes, if it works in the old FF and it still works in other browsers then it's clearly not FF..

My FF upgraded too and the same issues as stated above happened. I cannot make those changes with Safari or IE either.

However it upgraded shortly after sync, so I was not sure which might have been the problem.

Yes this is a 'Me Too' post....

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Same issue here, and for the record, something happen on the last time Firefox update.
My best regards.


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Piece of advice: Get Chrome. Always works, and its a lot faster than any other browser i've used.


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Piece of advice: Chrome is evil. Try SRWare Iron! It's Google Chrome, minus Google! Benchmarks show it's faster than Chrome, because it's not busy spying on you.

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No offense Fuikai...

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And yet I can still inline-rename things. In the grand scheme of things, I think I still win.

I haven't played with Chrome recently, but I use Firefox because of the plugins, such as NoScript and Adblock Plus.

Does Chrome now have equivalent functionality? Or do Chrome users still have to look at ads, popups and flashing and blinking graphics and the like?

The creators of AdBlock plus for Firefox now make AdBlock plus for Chrome/Iron. But there still isn't a NoScript equivalent yet.

AdBlock Plus for Chrome isn't quite there yet, which is a major factor holding me back. Ads still appear in YouTube videos/SWCombine, etc.


Renaming, etc doesn't work in Firefox works fine in Opera. Kyria detests Chrome because it tries to take over things it shouldn't. she hasn't tried to see if the problem exists in QTWeb or Chromium (better than Chrome has all the hard coded spyware removed)


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Elas Sacara
Elas Sacara
I have a thread asking for admin based help here. Any admin suggestions and the such might pop up there so I fell I should share this info with you.

Link - http://www.swcombine.com/forum/forum.php?forumID=158 (its on the same forum so not hard to find)

I myself dislike chrome. Its not the worst browser I have used but its still not as good as FireFox.

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