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Year 12 Day 214 14:27
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Ok so for a while ive been trying to recycle yes i am assigned the recycling center and am next to the building so every time i try to recycle it says their is no entity to recycle this has happened before and after a while it allowed me to recycle but again its not letting me is this a glitch or am i doing somting wrong

if this has happen to any one else please say so

Year 12 Day 215 16:10
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
can any one answer my question

Year 12 Day 215 16:58
Have you consulted the relevant section in the rules? If not, CLICK HERE!

If you satisfy all conditions but still remain in limbo then have the entity made over to your recycling faction. This should solve the issue. Your final option is to visit the Bug Base, check the database for prior mention of similar errors, and if none exist, write a report.

Good luck!



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Year 12 Day 215 18:14
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
ok it said in the link that i have to be part of the faction what if im not part of the faction but i am assigned the building

Year 12 Day 215 18:46
Uh, then it won't work - you need to be part of a recycling faction to be able to recycle. Just like you need to be in a ship faction to produce ships, weapons faction to produce weapons etc.


Year 12 Day 215 19:33
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
yes i am part of a recycling faction but the building im suppose to recycle and am manager of belongs to another faction

Year 12 Day 215 19:44
The following conditions must be satisfied in order to be able to recycle:
The recycling entity must have recycling abilities (check relevant rules page)
The pilot of the recycling entity must be a member of a recycling faction
The recycled entity is managed by the recycling faction

- The Rules

You're welcome.

Year 12 Day 215 19:54
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
ok thanks found the problem now