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Year 12 Day 215 9:37
I was curious if someone could list all of the current ways to level NPCs.
As far as I know currently you can walk 1000+ squares with them, or you can go hunting together.
Are there any other ways to give NPCs experience?
Does brawling with a brawler give them XP too? Different that leveling a whole squad at once but I will still consider that ways to level NPCs.
Thanks a bunches.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 215 9:44
Besides the ways you've already mentioned, workers gain XP from producing, miners from mining and builders from building. Brawling is currently not implemented.

Year 12 Day 215 10:39
I train my Elite Ewok Space Marines with a method I believe to be the easiest, even if not as fun as hunting:

Form them into a squad via the party menu, then give them orders to patrol a route in a city. The route doesn't matter, it can be between two squares or corner-to-corner, whatever. Then you're free to leave! They'll keep traveling and getting XP while you're on the other side of the galaxy doing productive work!

In my commerce thread, I've started a project which calculates the time it takes for an NPC of a given speed, when patrolling, to reach a given level. You can view it here: NPC leveling chart.

It's incomplete, but if anybody is willing to contribute data to the project, that'd be great!

Year 12 Day 215 10:45
Aren't squad supposed to stop when you leave the city or board an entity? If so then you're exploiting a bug Phillip and your EESMs should be reversed in level.

Year 12 Day 215 11:14
I think they just changed the "protocols" for patrolling squads. It used to be that you could level them up by just setting them to "patrol" and then you could forget about them for a while. This is no longer the case, either this was a bug that was fixed, or they manually changed it. Either way, you can't just give NPCs XP by having them patrol. Not unless you're in the same city as them.


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Year 12 Day 215 11:40
[Remote squads] must remain within the same container (city or terrain square) to remain under command.

- "Ground combat rules"
When I leave the container, I am unable to issue new orders (I've tried), but they have no reason to stop just because I went off somewhere.

I doubt you're free to stop obeying an order when your commander is no longer present in the IRL Marine Corps.

At one point they stopped traveling, I thought they changed it so that you can't train them when you're not present, but Mikel told me this is not the case. So I'm lead to believe that, if anything, it's a bug that they did stop travel.

Year 12 Day 215 13:55
I think it would be stupid for the NPCs to stop patrolling just because their commander leaves. Like construction and mining NPCs should be point and click and they do their orders and you don't have to stay there for them to work and gain the XP for the task.
However like building and construction, I believe patrolling should have a distance or time limit. Telling the squad to patrol for a month to gain up to level 5 sounds... too simple for this game.
Maybe weekly checkins, or simply reduce patrol XP gain by 5 or 10 times?
--Arch, out?

Year 12 Day 215 18:49
Construction has a distance/time limit? Never knew that. The rules say nothing of it, so please explain more.

Year 12 Day 215 19:19
"Everything that has a beginning has an end."
-The Oracle on Construction

But seriously, the rules do seem clear enough.


Maybe weekly checkins, or simply reduce patrol XP gain by 5 or 10 times?

- Arch Terkan

While a decrease in XP may or may not be a relevant future consideration the suggestion is somewhat counter-intuitive to the original topic of this thread... :) Let's see if we can't do better!

What other ways of levelling them can we think of? I would suggest looking at the NPC classes and figuring out tasks you'd expect the NPC class hold a natural affinity for - whether said action can be coded is another matter entirely, but that has never prevented an exercise in brainstorming.



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Year 12 Day 216 9:13
Id be happier to see ways of leveling NPCs in general and not just specific classes.
Currently you can walk any NPC to gain XP. Thats it.
Specific classes and do things extra like build, shoot, mine.
I feel like there should be more ways to level NPCs overall. If they get XP for walking around with us, why shouldnt they get XP for flying around with us too. Is it because they are doing the walking, but they arent doing the flying?
You would have to define what is Experience to begin with. Seeing all sorts of sights around the galaxy sounds like experience to me, so with coding aside, I think it would be cool for PCs and NPCs alike to gain XP for every new planet or moon or asteroid they step onto. Likely that is highly unpractical so I think NPCs in your party should gain XP for other travel and not just walking.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 216 9:37
Is it because they are doing the walking, but they arent doing the flying? 


I think NPCs in your party should gain XP for other travel and not just walking.  

This isn't a suggestions forum.