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Year 7 Day 30 7:21
Johnan Bennett
Johnan Bennett
I am on a ship. And I want to either unboard it, or fly it some where else, but I cant really do that. When I click unboard it says the station is closed( or somthing like that ). And I dont really know what I need to do to fly it out of there.

Year 7 Day 30 13:49
I'm assuming you're a passenger on the ship. Have you tried looking to see if there's anyone else on the ship who might be the pilot? And do you know who owns the ship, because you could contact them to ask to be set as pilot?


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Year 7 Day 31 9:15
Johnan Bennett
Johnan Bennett
I dont know. I was gone for about 3 months, and when I Stoped playing 3 months ago I was on that ship, the pilot is gone. But I think it belonged to blastech because I was a member of that faction.

Year 7 Day 31 10:07
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
Then contact someone from Blastech about it. they'll be able to help you out.