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Year 12 Day 220 21:56
Samael Darkfire
Samael Darkfire
1. What happened to the CP Bonus Droids? I could've sworn one could use CP's to buy droids back in March.
2. Is the stat loss from 'breakdowns' permanent? If so, is there any way one can repair them or does one simply need to buy a new droid?
3. Speaking of repairing droids, how does it work? Do I purchase a droid repair kit & click 'Repair Droid'?


Year 12 Day 220 22:06
On CP Droids, there's a search function at the bottom of each forum, trust me, theres already about 5 topics on it.
As far as i know, droid breakdown and repairing isn't implemented, and theres is no such thing as a droid repair kit.

Someone else will know more about those last 2, so lets wait for them.


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Year 12 Day 220 22:22
Samael Darkfire
Samael Darkfire

"In order to Repair a Droid, you must have at least 1 Droid Repairman in your party, with the maximum dependent upon the amount of damage and the size of the entity"

That doesn't sound right. What good is putting skill points in 'Repair Droids' if I can't repair a droid without some silly repair man?


Year 12 Day 221 5:32
Again, repair hasn't been implemented for droids yet, so the rules are also not set in stone.